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Emergency Contact Application
(This page will go away once everybody is comfortable logging in to the application)
Link to application down on page

NOTE: If You Have an email or username ending in ...


If your email address ends in "", you will log in like you're logging in to your email. Enter your username and password and then click on "Sign In". You might get a message pop up asking if you want to "Stay signed in?". You can choose yes or no. Once you close the application, you will be logged out.


If your email address ends in "", then you must log in with a special login listed below:

  • Non-Supervisor or non-Admin Personnel:

  • Chiefs or supervisor admin personnel:

You should have received passwords for these logins in your email. If not, please call I/T.


Emergency Contact Information

If You Get Something Other Than the ECI Login Screen

  • If you have not logged into the Emergency Contact Information (ECI) application before, it is possible that you could have some additional on-screen prompts when logging in to ECI application the first time.

  • The first thing that you might see after clicking on the link above is the City firewall screen (pictured below):

  • Image of the city firewall prompt.

    • If you have a @PSKCFD.ORG email address, you should use the following information on this screen:

      Password: Kcfd1234

    • If you have a @KCMO.ORG email address, you should use your regular email address and password to get through this screen.

  • If you have gotten the prompt listed before, this will be the next prompt that is displayed for you. This is the Microsoft Office login and you should use your email USERNAME to log in. As pictured below, if you try to use your email address, you will get an error. Most email usernames are the first letter of your first name, your last name (or most of it) and possibly a number followed by "". If you enter a username that is not in the system, it will give you the error you see in the photo below:


    After you enter your correct username, click on the "NEXT" prompt and you will be prompted to enter your email password. Enter it on the line provided and then click on "SIGN IN".


  • The next thing that you might see if you've not logged into the emergency contact application is the Microsoft Permissions screen (pictured below):

    Microsoft permissions on-screen prompt.

    This screen is simply asking for your permission to access the files needed to update the ECI application. If you see the "fix connection" prompt as pictured above, click it first and it should allow you to log in to the application. If you see a red screen with a spinning circle in the middle, the application is loading.



If you try to access the application and it says "Sorry, we didn't find that app" this is most likely because you have logged in to an MS Office 365 application using your “” email address. If this is the first thing that pops up BEFORE you even sign in, that is the reason. Make sure you log out of all “online” Office 365 applications, clear the cookies and browser history from your browser and then try again.

You should get a Microsoft Sign In screen asking for your email. If not, contact I/T for help.

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